Monthly Archives: December 2012

Better Heifer Reproduction in 5 Easy Steps

In his November Hoard’s Webinar, John Lee, D.V.M., presented the following “5 simple steps to better heifer reproduction:” Move heifers to the breeding pen every week based on height and weight targets.  Ensure heifers are bred shortly after entering the … Continue reading

New Ag Waste Recycling Program Underway

Silage bags, net-wrap, baling twine, feed bags, and other waste plastics often present disposal challenges for ag producers as protecting the environment and keeping disposal costs down do not always go hand-in-hand. Just recently, Ohio’s Carroll County Farm Bureau leaders … Continue reading

New MilkPay App Available

In October, Adisseo released their new MilkPay app for the iPhone, and due to its popularity, just released a version of the app for the iPad last month. Producers and nutritionists are using the helpful app to determine the impact … Continue reading