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Keep Your Girls Cool

cool cow

Summer is officially here! From hot, sticky days to cool and breezy nights, it is important to keep your herd cool and stress free so they stay productive. Cows can eat anywhere from 30-40 thousand calories a day. Most of that gets fermented in the cows’ rumen by bacteria, which gives off mass amounts of heat. Cows are most comfortable in temperatures ranging from 45-50 degrees. Once temperatures rise to above 68 degrees, cows will start to feel stressed due to the heat.

Shade – If your herd spends anytime outside, have shade to offer them – whether natural or manmade. Dark cows especially are affected by being in direct sunlight for any length of time. Milk production can improve 10 – 20% according to studies of cows that had access to shade.

Diet – If it is an option for your herd, temporarily changing their diet for hot days may help cows to be less stressed. Lessening forage content in their ration will reduce the amount of fermenting in their rumen, which will in turn reduce the heat a cow produces. Extra minerals or concentrate in the ration can provide your herd with more healthy energy for their body to burn without stressing them out.

Fans – Having fan or openings for fresh breezes to come through is a great help on hot days. Circulating the air helps to cool the cows and ventilate the barn.

Mist/Sprinklers – A misting or sprinkler system is a highly efficient way to keep cows cool, especially when paired with fans. The system should be automated to spray for a short period of time, and then stop to allow the water to evaporate off of the cow before starting again. Being wet and having air blown on them will cool down a herd quickly and safely.

Water – On average, cows can drink around 25 gallons of water a day. In hot weather, that number can rise to 33 gallons or more. Be sure your herd has access to ample amounts of fresh and clean drinking water.  

Stress Free – Hot weather on its own is enough to stress out a cow. Stressed cows lose their appetite, therefore lowering their milk production. Avoid moving or doing stressful activities with your herd on hot days, they are already uncomfortable because of the weather.



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Working Outside? Stay Cool With This Advice.

6-15-17 cool human

Next week is the start of summer, and many of us have already experienced some extremely warm days. Here are a few ways to stay cool when you are working hard.

Fan – If you are working indoors (or outdoors near a building) investing in an industrial sized fan can be a big help. Working in a stationary spot is ideal for having a fan, but even if you are moving, you can take a break and stand in front of the fan for a bit to cool off. 

Clothes – We regulate body heat through sweating, so the more skin that is open for sweat to evaporate off of a person the better. Shorts and a tank top or t-shirt are probably the best option. Loose fitting, breathable clothing will help keep you cool. Lighter color clothes will help to reflect sunlight.

Hats – An extension of clothing, having a hat is a great accessory for a warm day. A wide-brimmed hat can keep the sun directly off of your head and face, and even shoulders. The lighter the color, the better is will be at keeping you cool.

Cool Neck/Wrists – Did you know that the back of the neck is where your body’s main temperature sensor is? Placing a cool, damp rag on the back of your neck will help you to feel cooler. If you have long hair, put it up. Running your wrists under cold water for a few seconds is also a good way to cool down quickly.

Water – Staying hydrated is perhaps the most important thing one can do on a hot day. Keep a water bottle near you at all time for a quick sip. If you are sweating a lot, throw in a sports drink to replace electrolytes in your system. Avoid caffeinated drinks, which can dehydrate.

Breaks – You might have a big “to-do” list, but it is important to recognize when your body needs a break to cool off. Better to spend 5 minutes sitting down to feel refreshed instead of trudging through chores feeling sluggish. Hopefully you have a nice shady spot to take a rest.

Stay cool out there friends!


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Ice Cream: Delicious and Nutritious?

ice cream

Ice cream is a dessert staple and a great companion for hot summer days. Science shows that this sweet, cold treat is not only refreshing, but has some great health benefits associated with it. So go ahead and indulge (in moderation – of course).

Vitamins & Minerals – Ice cream is a great source of several important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, C, D, and several B varieties can all be found in ice cream. Vitamin K, which prevents blood clotting, is also found in ice cream. The mineral calcium helps maintain bone and teeth strength, and can even reduce the chance of kidney stones.

Energy – Our body needs energy to function, and ice cream helps to provide carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, all of which our bodies use to produce energy.

Mood Elevator – Eating ice cream stimulates a hormone, thrombotonin, which makes you happy and reduces stress. It also naturally contains L-triptophane, which helps relax the nervous system.

Brain Stimulator – A study done by Tokyo scientists had people eat 3 spoonfuls of ice cream in the morning and then had them perform tests. The people who ate ice cream had an increase in brain waves that were linked to concentration, relaxation, and mental coordination.



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