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Patz 800 Series II Single Screw TMR Vertical Mixers

The proof is in the mix!

  • Consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size
  • Incorporate a wider variety of ingredients, including round or square bales!
  • Tru Taper™ cone-top screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality, resulting in a palatable, well blended ration minimizes sorting by livestock
  • Scale system accurately measures ingredients per your nutritionist’s recipe for optimum herd health and production
  • Fast discharge with superior cleanout
  • Minimize feed waste – stretch your ingredients further!
  • Unibody mixer and trailer construction designed for long life, low maintenance, and trouble-free operation


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Mixer Capacity

Capacity with extensions

Max. Load Capacity




Minimum PTO Horsepower

PTO Operating Speed

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270 Low Profile Trailer

270 ft3
(7.6 m3)

315 ft3
(8.9 m3)

6750 lbs
(3062 kg)

95 in.
(2.4 m)

104 in.
(2.6 m)

175 in.
(4.4 m)


540 RPM

PA-21793C 800_Single_Screw_VM_Specs

350 Trailer

350 ft3
(9.9 m3)

400 ft3
(11.3 m3)

8750 lbs
(3969 kg)

100 in.
(2.5 m)

104 in.
(2.6 m)

180 in.
(4.6 m)


540 RPM

PA-21793C 800_Single_Screw_VM_Specs