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Feeding for 2013: Mike Hutjens Weighs In

Mike HutjensUniversity of IL With 2013 fast-approaching, Mike Hutjens recommends that all dairy managers take the time to inventory their forage, evaluate their feed costs, and research feed prices. Now is the time to develop effective strategies for next year’s feeding. After taking a … Continue reading

Multiple Feed Groups May Save Moola

Patz Vertical Mixers deliver thorough, consistent rations, regardless of batch size! Q: When it comes to a dairy’s bottom line, does it pay to have multiple feed groups?  A: YES, according to a recent 30-herd study headed by Victor Cabrera … Continue reading

Cutting costs with energy audits

For those that didn’t catch the November issue of Dairy Today, Jim Dickrell’s article “Kill the Kilowatts” is worth the read. Dickrell delved into the topic of energy audits: what they are, how to fund them, and how actual producers … Continue reading