Monthly Archives: August 2013

10 Tips for Manure Pit Safety

Manure storage systems on dairy farms can be hazardous for people and livestock. Pits within buildings or directly beneath livestock are considered the most dangerous. The most common hazards associated with manure storage are drowning and manure gases, which include gases … Continue reading

New Purina Cool Cow App

A THI level of 68 is enough to affect milk production. The new Purina Cool Cow smartphone app is available as a tool to help raise heat stress awareness among dairy producers. The app features four tabs: Heat Stress Impact, … Continue reading

Silage Safety Dos and Don’ts

The collapse of silage bunkers and piles has resulted in numerous injuries and deaths. Even piles and bunkers that appear well-packed and well-managed are not always safe. To help decrease the chances of an accident occurring on your operation, adhere … Continue reading