Monthly Archives: January 2015

Visit Us at World Ag Expo!

World Ag Expo is just around the corner! Drawing almost 100,000 attendees from across the country and around the globe, World Ag Expo is the largest annual agricultural expo there is! With more than 1,400 exhibitors covering 2.6 million square … Continue reading

Benefits of Manure Separation

Mechanical separators, such as the Patz SEPCOM™ Screw-Press Separators, are designed to extract liquid from slurry manures, yielding both a nutrient-rich liquid and fibrous solid materials. Solid-liquid separation can offer many advantages over conventional manure storage practices, while alleviating concerns … Continue reading

Introducing the SEPCOM™ Separator

Patz is excited to announce the addition of SEPCOM™ Solid-Liquid Separators to our current product lineup! Designed to extract the liquid from slurry materials, SEPCOM™ Separators can be used to address issues related to material transportation and storage, odors, and … Continue reading