Advantages of a TMR Feeding System

If you are not currently feeding a TMR to your dairy cows, you may be missing an opportunity to become more profitable. For a smaller operation, investing in a TMR mixer may seem like a strain on your budget … at first. Over time, however, that investment will usually pay for itself.

Consider these advantages of feeding your herd a TMR:

Improved feed efficiency. Each mouthful of feed that the cow consumes contains the proper amount of ingredients for a balanced ration.

Increased feed utilization. A 4-percent increase can be expected, compared to a conventional ration of forage and grain fed separately, twice daily.

Decreased incidences of digestive and metabolic problems.

Increased milk production – as much as 5% higher with a TMR, compared to conventional rations.

Less feed waste. Blending all the feeds together in a TMR can mask the flavor of less palatable feeds.

Less sorting. When mixed properly, a cow cannot consume significantly more or less of a forage or concentrate.

How much can you save or earn for your operation? Take a look at your current feed costs, veterinary costs, and milk production. Some Patz Vertical Mixer customers have discovered their mixers have paid for themselves with healthier cows, higher milk production and decreased vet and feed costs.

Source: Use of total mixed rations (TMR) for dairy cows by Brian P. Lammers, A. Jud Heinrichs, and Virginia A. Ishler, Department of Dairy and Animal Science, The Pennsylvania State University (

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