What does a poorly mixed ration cost you each day…each year?

Which TMR would you rather feed to your cows?

You can increase your production if your mixer does a great job of mixing. The top photo shows the first feed from a “brand x” vertical mixer. The photo below shows the first feed from a Patz Vertical Mixer.

A good mixer will give you a consistent ration from beginning to end, even if you have very small or completely full loads. They have to empty out completely so you don’t have feed left inside to spoil or freeze and ruin your next ration. It’s important for your mixer to mix your ration very quickly, so you can control your particle length.

Shaker box tests conducted with rations from Patz Vertical Mixers show ideal particle length. Most vertical mixers have a terrible reputation for mixing. They pulverize and ruin the feed long before they ever get it mixed.

Many producers that switched to Patz reported increased production. The average increase was over 6 lbs. of milk per cow per day. Even at $14 milk, this represents an extra $2,500 per 100 cows each month.

Source: RJB Marketing, Inc. 

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