Patz Vertical Mixers can solve most of your everyday feeding problems!

A survey performed by Beef and Dairy Producers in September and October of 2007 asked producers this question:

What are some of the problems that you face everyday?

These are some of their answers:

  • I can’t get the hay chopped fine enough.
  • I can’t get a consistent ration.
  • My discharge is on the wrong side.
  • I want to process high moisture bales.
  • My cattle are sorting through my ration.
  • I want to maximize my feeding options.
  • Grinding hay is too expensive.
  • I want to use my poorer quality hay.
  • I want a mixer for both my back grounding and fat cattle rations.
  • I can’t put hay in my mixer.

For solutions to these problems, contact your local Patz Dealer and ask to see an on-farm demo of a Patz Vertical Mixer using your ration. Patz Vertical Mixers can be customized to fit your operation with up to six door locations on some models. View the complete line of Patz Vertical Mixers here.

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