New 1200 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer!

The NEW Patz 1200 Series Stationary Single Screw Vertical Mixer delivers superior performance you can count on! Designed low in height, this mixer provides the flexibility of use in feed rooms and other enclosures. Offering 300-690 cu. ft. mixing capacities, the 1200 Series Stationary is available in 300, 420, 500, and 615 cu. ft. sizes.
Featuring the new Vortex™ Screw, this mixer series processes a variety of feed ingredients, including less expensive alternatives. Regardless of batch size, the Vortex™ Screw mixes quickly, producing a thorough, consistent TMR without damaging feed.

The well-blended ration discourages sorting so cows eat better, resulting in increased productivity and rate of gain. Combined with greater ration options and less refusals, a quick discharge with superior cleanout reduces waste and lowers feed costs.

The Patz 1200 Series Stationary Vertical Mixer is simple in design with few moving parts for long life, low-maintenance, and trouble-free operation. It is also energy-efficient with a low minimum 30 HP requirement. To ensure accurate weighing of ingredients, several electronic scale systems are available.

With superior mixing performance and operation flexibility, the Patz 1200 Series Stationary Single Screw Vertical Mixer delivers great results in a wide variety of applications! Dairy producers, heifer growers, beef raisers, sheep ranchers, goat producers (and more!) can count on this mixer for a thorough, consistent TMR. For fast, thorough blending of materials, additional applications include: composting, plastics recycling, colored mulch, poultry litter, and sustainable farming practices.



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