NEW 2400 Series II Vertical Mixers


Building on the features and options of the Model 2400, the NEW 2400 Series II Twin Screw Trailer & Stationary Vertical Mixers deliver an even higher level of performance! Available in 810 and 950 cu. ft. sizes, these new mixers are only 98″ and 106 3/4″ in height! With the ability to handle small to large batches, the 2400 Series II provides mixing capacities of up to 1,100 cubic feet!

2400 Series II mixers offer the flexibility to use a variety of ingredients, including alternative feeds. Featuring new cupped flighting, the Patz Vortex Screw promotes fast blending of a consistent TMR without damaging feed. Patented baffles quickly and gently direct ingredients around both screws from end to end, producing a thorough, high quality ration regardless of batch size.

The consistent, palatable TMR reduces sorting so cows eat better, resulting in increased productivity and rate of gain. Combined with greater ration options and less refusals, a quick discharge with superior cleanout saves time and fuel while reducing feed waste.

Patz 2400 Series II Trailer & Stationary Vertical Mixers are engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble-free operation. To ensure accurate weighing of ingredients, a wide selection of reliable indicators is available, including       dinamica generale®, Weigh-Tronix®, and Digi-Star® models.

Customize a Patz 2400 Series II Mixer to match your operation!
Options include: multiple door locations (rear commodity available), various discharge packages, optional side extensions for added mixing capacity, and more!


Feed More Efficiently, Gain Extra $avings!

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