Maximize your dairy’s profitability with minimal investment: (Part 3 of 5)


Everyone is looking for ways to increase DMI. According to Rick Grant’s Hoard’s Webinar, several ways to increase DMI reside in your feeding area…


Feeding area: ways to increase DMI by one pound
(Grant and Albright, 1997)

  1. Manger surface                                                                                                                                     •Replace concrete with ceramic tile for a cleaner, more durable surface.                                   •Projected cost: ~$2/ft. of manger.
  2. Feed Accessibility                                                                                                                           •Implement frequent feed push-ups.                                                                                             •Make feed available at least 21 hrs/day.
  3. Bunk space                                                                                                                                         •Provide at least 24″ per lactating cow and 30″ per transition/fresh cow.
  4. Alley width behind feed manger                                                                                                    •Optimize feed intake with 14′ alley width.

                            Watch this informative Hoard’s Webinar by clicking on the source link below!

P.S. Log on tomorrow for the final two posts of this 5-part series! 

Source: “Managing cow behavior for profit and performance” Hoard’s Webinar presented by Rick Grant, Miner Institute. May 9, 2011.


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