How to feed your herd for optimal protein production

For producers that are paid on multiple component pricing, milk protein can have a substantial effect on profits. In this month’s Hoard’s Webinar, Nutrition Consultant Mike Schwab discussed the “why” behind low milk protein and revealed how to increase this component on a dairy. 

What can cause low milk protein?

  • Overfeeding fermentable starch, sugars, and/or fat.
  • Underfeeding peNDF.
  • Feeding spoiled and contaminated feed.
  • Inconsistent feeding practices and herd nutrition, i.e. poor mixing, inconsistent feeding frequency, etc.
  • Too little RDP and/or RUP in the ration.
  • Low quality RUP.

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How do I feed for protein production?
  • Deliver high quality feeds.
  • Provide well-balanced and consistent rations.
  • Feed blend of high quality fermentable carbs and physically effective fiber.
  • Incorporate high-Lys protein and/or RPLYS supplements.
  • Feed rumen-protected Met supplement.
  • Only supplement RUP as needed. An excess increases ration costs and could lower milk/milk component yields.

“Take-home” messages:

Cows love the palatable TMR
that Patz Vertical Mixers deliver!
    • Feeding for protein production increases milk yield, protein percentage, protein yield, and a dairy’s profitability. 
    • Feeding for milk protein ¹  feeding more protein.
    • Nutrition models are valuable tools.
    • Eliminate environmental and facility stressors wherever possible.
  • *Ultimately, cows are more accurate than nutrition models when making final decisions!

Source: “Feeding for Protein Production” Hoard’s Webinar presented by Chuck Schwab, Nutrition Consultant. September 12, 2011.


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