Ten cow quirks you must remember

Here’s what you need to know about cow habits before they start working for you.

by Hoard’s Dairyman staff
Cows are social herd animals. Even in a large
pasture, they typically move as a group.
  1. Cows are born animals of prey.
  2. They don’t waste their time at the feed bunk.
  3. Cows are social herd animals.
  4. She’s got eyes in the back of her head! (well, almost).
  5. They don’t see color like we do.
  6. They are farsighted.
  7. They love the light.
  8. They like it cool.
  9. She likes her personal space.
  10. Cows can be dangerous.

Read the complete article in the August 25th issue of Hoard’s Dairyman!
Source:”Ten cow quirks you must remember” article by Hoard’s Dairyman staff. Hoard’s Dairyman,
August 25, 2011 issue.

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