Considering greenchop for lactating cow rations

Looking to increase the palatability of your lactating cow ration while simultaneously decreasing feed costs? Greenchopping may be your solution! According to Tamilee Nennich’s article “Greenchop for lactating cow rations,” benefits of incorporating greenchop into a dairy ration include:
  • Palatability increases daily feed intake (may help minimize effects of heat stress on intake).
  • High-quality greenchop can replace high-cost feeds typically used in ration.
  • Decreased forage losses (compared to grazing, haying, or harvesting for silage).
  • Intensively managed forage removes more nutrients from the soil; improves nutrient balance.

However, greenchopping may not be a good option for every dairy. A successful greenchopping program requires a daily commitment to intensively manage forages, designated equipment to harvest/transport greenchop on a daily basis, continuous forage monitoring, and daily ration adjustments for greenchop moisture levels. 

Click on the source link below for more information to help you determine whether greenchopping is right for your dairy operation.
Source: Tamilee Nennich, “Greenchop for lactating cow rations”Progressive Dairyman, February 11, 2013: 117.

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