Monthly Archives: September 2013

Introducing the IntelliShuttle™ Box Scraper!

  Patz recently introduced the IntelliShuttle™ Box Scraper as part of the SmartClean™ family of manure-handling equipment. Powered by the SmartSense™ Expert control panel, the IntelliShuttle™ is capable of handling your slurry manure up to 460 feet (140 meters) from … Continue reading

Introducing SmartClean™ Scraper Systems by Patz!

  We have recently added the new SmartClean™ Scraper Systems to our line of manure-handling equipment! Composed of the IntelliChain™, IntelliCable™, and IntelliShuttle™ Scrapers, the SmartClean™ family of products has the brawn and the brains needed to keep herds clean … Continue reading