Tub Mounted Magnet* now available on all Patz Vertical Mixer Series!


Patz is pleased to announce the availability of a Tub Mounted Magnet* that will fit our most compact mixers! The addition of this Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnet to our 400 Series and 270 cubic foot capacity 800 Series Vertical Mixers means that a Patz Vertical Mixer of any size can now be fitted with a Tub Mounted Magnet* to help you protect what matters!

Our new Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnets fit easily into the tub wall of Patz Vertical Mixers. Encased in stainless steel, the magnet is mounted on a hinged assembly for easy removal of tramp metal.

Our Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnet is now available for ALL Patz Vertical Mixers! New mixers can be ordered with a factory-installed Tub Mounted Magnet*, or contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer to field-install the magnet on your existing stationary, trailer, or truck mount Patz Vertical Mixer.
* Patent Pending

Note: This Patent Pending tub mounted magnet must only be installed on Patz Vertical Mixers.



Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnet Worth the Investment, Says Dairy Farmer

“The tub magnet has caught roofing nails, broken sickle sections, and a mower knife. If it saves one cow, it’s paid for itself.”

Lon Wright of All Wright Farms
Muncie, IN

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