SmartClean™ Scraper Systems

Patz SmartClean™ Scraper Systems have the BRAWN and the BRAINS you need to keep your herd clean! Each of our IntelliChain™, IntelliCable™, and IntelliShuttle™ Scraper Systems are engineered with high-quality, durable components for long service life and low maintenance. The drive units are powered by a Patz SmartSense™ Control Panel, which provides the intelligence and the sensitivity to ensure that your facility’s alleys are cleaned effectively while maintaining cattle and farmhand safety.


 IntelliChain Unit
The Patz IntelliChain™Alley Scraper was designed with your operation in mind! This energy-efficient chain alley scraper can be used with concrete or rubber-topped alleys of up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) total circuit. The drive unit’s narrow design and multiple corner wheel configurations allow for easy installation into new or existing barns. The IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper is powered by the Patz SmartSense™ MasterMind Control Panel. 

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IntelliCable Units


Keep your herd cleaner with the IntelliCable Alley Scraper! Select from our IntelliCable™ Pro I, Pro II, or Pro III drive units and choose from a variety of cable options, including our Plastic Jacketed Galvanized Steel Cable. With three operational modes and a simple touchscreen interface, the Patz SmartSense™ MasterMind Control Panel allows users to schedule up to 12 daily cleaning cycles, saving time and labor when controlling the IntelliCable™ Alley Scraper.

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IntelliShuttle Box Scraper

For use with slurry manures or sand-laden bedding, the IntelliShuttle™ Box Scraper handles your manure from alley to reception pit. The IntelliShuttle™ drive unit can be customized with up to 5 shuttle boxes and is powered by the SmartSense™ Expert Control Panel.

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Want to learn more? See the check out our YouTube videos featuring the IntelliChain™ or IntelliCable™, or see the IntelliChain™ Alley Scraper in action at these upcoming farm shows:


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