New Products Unveiled at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days!

Attendees at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days got the first look at some of our new products and options. If you were unable to visit the Patz booth at last week’s show, here’s a recap of the new offerings we introduced:

The Patz Booth at the 2014 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days farm show in Stevens Point.


Patz1600 Series Vertical Mixers

1600 Series Vertical Mixer

Our smallest twin screw, the 1600 Series Vertical Mixer, is available as a trailer or truck mount unit. The 620 cubic foot capacity mixer has a variety of options to choose from when customizing the unit for your mixing requirements.


Powershift Transmission

Powershift Transmission

We are pleased to announce a new optional Powershift transmission for our 2400 Series II and 3600 Series II Trailer Vertical Mixers!

 This 2-speed transmission allows the operator to shift from 1st to 2nd gear (or vice versa) at the push of a button, while the PTO is engaged! Our wireless transmitter can be operated from the comfort of the tractor’s cab, or shift the transmission via a remote key fob up to 300 feet away!


Hydraulic Control Center - Control Panel

Hydraulic Control Center

Free up your tractor’s limited hydraulic ports with our factory-installed Hydraulic Control Center! Powered by 12 volt DC current, the Hydraulic Control Center (HCC) allows for the operation up to five hydraulic functions, including doors and conveyors, from the tractor’s cab.


6000 Slide & Tilt


We’ve expanded our line of Vertical Pit Pumps! Our 6000E pump is now available in either a 2-point hitch or slide-and-tilt pump for convenient removal and out-of-pit service. The 6000E Vertical Pit Pump is available in lengths of 6, 8, 10, or 12 feet.


VERSA Scraper


Introduced earlier this year, the low-profile VERSA Folding V Scraper is a versatile scraper option for any Patz long sled. Designed for optimal scraping, the VERSA scraper expands to clean the alley and sidewalls on forward travel, while wings fold in on reverse travel to allow material flow.

 Five sizes and three blade edge options allow the VERSA V Scraper to be customized for use in a variety of operations!


Plastic Jacketed Cable

Blue Plastic Jacketed Cable

Now available for all of our IntelliCable™ Alley Scraper units, our 3/8” (9.55mm) Plastic Jacketed Galvanized Steel Cable features a protective plastic coating over our 3/8” steel cable for increased cow comfort and longer cable expectancy.


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