1000 Series Vertical Mixer – Our Newest Addition!

1000 VM blog header 
Our Series of Vertical Mixers is growing! We are pleased to announce the September 1, 2014 availability of our new 1000 Series Vertical Mixer. The new mixer will be offered in a low-profile, 420 cubic foot (11.8 cubic meter) trailer unit.  

The 1000 Series trailer offers a unibody construction with strong undercarriage, a heavy-duty tongue hitch, choice of drive package, and high-capacity spindle weigh bars and wheel hubs. Four tubeless truck tires provide smooth transport over even the roughest of terrains.


Customize the mixer for your operation with the choice of Vortex® screw tops! Choose from a cone top screw for silage and high grain rations, or discover the benefits of a multi-angle top screw for processing bales and bulk commodities.

Additional options include our Patented RAPTOR™ knives, side extensions for expanded mixing capacity, scale packages, and an optional Patent Pending Tub Mounted Magnet.

For detailed product information, please contact your local Patz Mixer Dealer.

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