Get Social! Beefing Up Your Online Presence


Are you making the leap into social media? Check out our seven tips to ensure your agvocating efforts are a success.

  1. No Fear: Don’t be afraid of social media – embrace it! Today, most Americans are at least 3 generations removed from the farm, and many don’t have a clear understanding of how their food is produced. Take advantage of this opportunity to educate your customers and share your story.
  2. Set Goals: Determine your overall goal and define what a successful social media campaign will look like for you. Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base, grow brand recognition, engage with local consumers, or educate others about sustainable and humane practices on your farm, having a specific objective in mind when you craft your messages will help you achieve your goal.
  3. Start Small: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn…  where to start? You don’t need to jump right in to multiple social media channels – pick one or two platforms that you’re familiar with, and begin engaging with your audience there. Already use Facebook? Start a public Facebook Page for your farm. You can always expand your social media usage to include additional platforms at a later date.
  4. Know Your Audience: Who are you trying to reach – consumers, millennials, other farm operators? Determine the specific group of people that you are trying to engage with and tailor your messages to them.
  5. Stay Visual: Photos and videos have a much higher engagement rate than text-only status updates.
  6. Be Creative: Most social media user’s newsfeed are inundated with photos, status updates, and advertisements. What will make your post stand out? Don’t be afraid to experiment with your posts to discover what your audience responds to best. Throw in some humor or puns, educate your followers about your livestock, crops, or equipment, host a giveaway or caption contest… the opportunities are endless!
  7. Be Professional: Engage your audience with a consistent, professional tone. Remember that your posts represent not only your business, but also everyone involved with it – make sure that your messages reflect back on you in a positive way.

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