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Proper tire maintenance will greatly extend useable tire life. From tractors to trailers and TMR mixers, these 3 tire tips will help you go the distance:

1. Inflation:
Perhaps the simplest and most overlooked, proper inflation for your load is vital to the tire’s performance. Under- or overinflating tires can cause excessive and uneven tread wear and sidewall cracking.

Consult your equipment manual or tire specifications to determine optimal inflation, which may vary based on tire size, maximum usage speeds, total equipment weight, and driving surface.


2. Ballasting:
While liquid ballasting or iron weights can improve traction and prevent tire slippage, adding excessive weight can hinder fuel efficiency and tractor performance, and also cause excessive soil compaction. Refer to tire manufacturer’s documentation for additional information and specific recommendations.


3. Speed:
Abide by the maximum speed ratings for your tires: many farm tires are only rated for 25 mph speeds. Exceeding the tire manufacturer’s recommendation can cause excessive heat, which breaks down the rubber and ruins the tire.





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