Ice cream has health benefits? Check out the top 5!


There’s nothing like a refreshing scoop of mint chocolate chip or strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day. Some people might say that ice cream is not good for the body, but these deliciously sweet treats come with a lot of benefits too.

Here are the five benefits of eating ice cream regularly:

  1. Great source of vitamins: Vitamin A, B, C, D and E are sound in every scoop of ice cream. Thiamine and Niacin are much needed by the body too. Did you know that ice cream can save you from blood clotting too? The vitamin K in ice cream can save you from that!
  2. Energy: Because of its high nutritional value, not to mention the good protein and the carbohydrates that it contains milk has become essential to get the energy that you need.
  3. Contains much-wanted healthy minerals: Calcium and phosphorus are building blocks to help keep your bones strong and healthy. Ice cream contains these two most important minerals that can save you from suffering from kidney stones.
  4. Stimulates the Brain: Ice cream does not only help you reduce the negative effects of stress, but it helps your body produce more happy hormones. Ice cream is made out of milk, which is a natural tranquilizer that will help your body relax.
  5. Can help reduce the risk of suffering from cancer: The calcium contained in every scoop of ice cream can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. Since it is a catalyst for keeping your bones healthy, the calcium in milk is another good reason why you should give in to that indulgence.


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