The True Cost of Lameness


Lameness continues to be one of the largest expenses for dairy farmers. Experts recommend twice-a-year preventative hoof trimming, which significantly reduces severe lameness issues. Cows will perform at their best only if they are comfortable. The true cost of lameness includes treating lameness issues but also the total cost of milk and feed lost. Preventative and regular hoof trimming keeps cows walking and increases milk production as well as the farmer’s profits.

Influencing factors of lameness:

Cow Comfort: Avoid overcrowding and minimize heat stress. Provide properly designed and maintained stalls. Flooring should provide good traction, but minimal wear.

Claw Care: Practice maintenance trimming (twice-a-year). Provide therapeutic trimming. Properly maintain and administer foot baths. Maintain a clean and dry environment.

Transition: Minimize abrupt ration changes to reduce rumen upsets. Strive to maximize animal health.

Nutrition: Provide nutritionally balanced diets. Properly mix and deliver the ration to your cows. Formulate rations to minimize sorting. Feed diets with proper micronutrient fortification.


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