Winterizing Farm Equipment

12-7-16 WinterizeWith winter’s arrival, it’s time to prepare your equipment for the colder temperatures. Keeping machinery and equipment running smoothly will help make winter fly by. Check out the tips below.

  1. Check Fluids – Coolant levels should be at a level to work for expected temperatures. Top off oil and fuel tanks to prevent condensation. Fuel may have to be changed to a winter version if available.
  2. Batteries – Keep batteries fully charged if possible, or else disconnect them all together if not needed to prevent a leak.
  3. Clean – Wipe down and dust off machinery to remove plant debris and dirt. This will help reduce rusting, and keep pests away. Touch-ups such as waxing or painting, and degreasing are also helpful to keep machinery in good condition.
  4. Repairs – Now is the best time to go back and check over equipment to see if repairs are needed.



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