Winter Composting Tips

12-14 compost
Many people prefer to stay inside and hide from the cold weather, but winter is still a good time to get outside – if you don’t mind a little chill.

Composting is a great hobby that works year round, and benefits the earth. It reduces garbage in landfills and returns nutrients and organic materials back to the earth. The fertilizer produced can replace the need for chemical additives to help lawns or gardens. Composting over the winter months provides fresh fertilizer that is perfect for planting spring gardens.

Having a compost area outdoors keeps any smells away from the house. The compost is also able to get heat from the sun to help break down materials. However, in winter, it is a good idea to insulate the compost area. Stacking straw bales is a simple way to do this; however, there are plenty of options to choose from. Insulating the compost retains the heat made when processing. If winter months are extremely frigid, some sort of heat source may be needed. The compost can’t freeze. It needs to be warm enough for the microbes to stay alive and active.

With any composting system, it will always need more fuel. Keeping a bucket in the kitchen or garage of scraps can help reduce trips outside in the cold.

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Winter Composting.”
Tips for Winter Composting.”

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