Does Your Farm or Dealership Need Social Media?

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What is the main reason you have a personal Social Media account? Facebook, Instagram, blogs – their main purpose is to connect you with other people. As a farmer and a business person, implementing a Social Media program might be a great asset to help grow your business (and bonus – it’s free if you use basic services).

If getting involved in Social Media is something you wish to do, the next step is to choose which platform you’d like to start with. Start slow and choose one platform to start growing an audience. Facebook is a great starting point because it allows for both pictures and text to be posted. Content needs to be focused, relevant, and meaningful, and updated frequently in order to retain and gain new viewers. Choose something that you enjoy doing. If you love to share stories and experience, write a weekly blog post. If you prefer taking pictures, go with an Instagram. YouTube is great if video capture and editing is what you enjoy.

Looking to expand your business? Perhaps you create a website where people can reach you, and even apply for a job. The name of your business is able to get out into the world, and hopefully will start sounding familiar to people. You have the opportunity to create and strengthen relationships with vendors or current employees. Get employees involved with creating the content that goes on the website (photos or stories).

When starting to implement Social Media in business, keep in mind that there needs to be a person to update the website/content on the platform you choose. Posts should be frequent, relevant to your purpose, and not overly “salesy”. The idea is to connect with people, not advertise to them. When your audience starts commenting and interacting with your social media platform, be sure to respond to them right away. They will see that you or your business is easily accessible and cares enough to get back to them quickly.

Whichever platform you start with, remember that it takes time to cultivate a following. Be patient, put out good content, and enjoy the creative process.


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