All Hail the Mighty Tractor


No matter which color tractor you use, tractors are a vital machine to have on your farm. Tractors can be used for a whole slew of jobs if the correct implement is attached to it. From planting crops, to tillage activities, haymaking, and harvesting, these beasts help do the grunt work for you.

Nowadays, it is easy to get a smaller and very powerful tractor that is able to carry heavy loads or work in tough environments. Most tractors also have power steering and enclosed cabs with, wait for it, air conditioning!

Front or backend loader attachments allow for a variety of farming implements to help complete several different farm tasks utilizing the same universal machine. Planting or harvesting can be completed in a significantly shorter amount of time, sometimes from days to hours. Tractors save money (even though the initial expense is high) and they pay back easily. Reduce manpower, time spent, and improve production, which all saves money.

John Froelich created the first ever, gas-powered tractor in 1890. In 2012, over 122 years from creation, the first autonomous, self-driving tractors were created. Now they can be hooked up over wi-fi via apps with cameras or sensors to be able to help you in daily field work or other chores. How time flies!


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