The Helping Spirit of Farmers

12-7 spirit

The Holiday Season always seems opens people’s hearts to be more generous and charitable. However, this is something that farmers do year round. Farmers understand that instinctive feeling of helping someone when they need it most, whether they can afford to or not.

These “feel good stories” are shared on the news Nationwide. Early in the year, wildfires covered wide areas in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. Farms, homes, livestock, and crops were all lost. Knowing those farmers affected wouldn’t have an income for this year, people in the Midwest collected needed supplies for the families affected. Things like hay, livestock feed, milk replacer, and fencing were gathered up and delivered down to those who needed it.

When Hurricane Harvey hit in September, people jumped into action. Farmers that had previous helped victims of Hurricane Katrina quickly organized and gathered over 60,000 lbs of cleaning supplies and goods that were able to be brought down to Houston. Diaper, formula, towels, sleeping bags, water, and non-perishable foods were the main focus of the efforts accomplished by this generous group.

During late October in Wisconsin neighbors came together to help harvest corn fields of a 76 year old farmer who had recently passed away. The corn had to be harvested quickly to maintain the moisture levels needed to have it feed the cattle throughout the winter.

These are just a few of the thousands of stories that can be found online. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we put ourselves aside and band together to help others. Let’s make an effort to be generous and kind not just during the holidays, but all year round.


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