Patz Corporation’s Year in Review

12-28 review

The year 2017 marked Patz Corporation’s 69th year of building quality products. We kept busy this year by attending several Farm and Trade shows, participating in a variety of community events, and continuously creating and improving our products and service for you – our customer.

New Products Released:

  • Rebranding and Redesign of 800 Series II Trailer Vertical Mixers
  • Tundra® LTX Manure Pump
  • Low-profile 2400 Series II Vertical Mixers
  • Patented Autoshift Transmission for 2400 Series II and 3600 Series II Vertical Mixers
  • Two new size 2400 Series II Vertical Mixers: 650 cu. ft. and 750 cu. ft.

Improved existing products:

  • Toolbar attachment option for Liquid Manure Tankers
  • Added 7.5” Raptor™ knife size for a total of 5
  • Quick Open System for our Patented Tub Mounted Magnet
  • Have Hydraulic knife option available for Tundra™ Pro II Manure Pump

Patz Corporation looks forward to serving you in 2018 (our 70th year in business).

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