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Still struggling to fill your wallet after Christmas? With the record cold that seems to be affecting most of the country this winter, we wanted to share a few simple tips to make sure you are not missing opportunities to save.

Doors: Check the weather stripping; does it need to be replaced? Get on the floor and make sure that you can’t see outside from under the threshold of a door leading to the outside. There should be a tight seal.

Furnace: Keep the temperature in your house as low as possibly comfortable. If you get chilled, put on a sweatshirt, warm socks, and a blanket before you go to turn up the thermostat. Turn the temperature down when you are sleeping and add a blanket to the bed if needed. Is your house empty most of the day? Turn the heat down several degrees while gone at work, and turn it up when you walk in the door (or program it to have the house heated by the time you get home). Check your filter monthly to ensure optimum performance. Go over your ductwork and reseal if there are leaks so that your machine runs more efficiently.

Water Heater: Insulate with fiberglass material to help keep the tank warm. Turn down the temperature of the water. The less energy required to get water to its ideal temperature, the more money goes in your pocket.

Windows: Sunshine can be one of your best friends in winter. Open curtains to let the sun in during the day. It naturally raises the temperature of your house a degree or two. When the sun starts to set, pull all the curtains shut to help retain that heat, and prevent a chill from coming off of the window. For extra protection, cover windows with a clear plastic sheet or film for an extra layer of insulation. Make sure there are no leaks or drafty areas – caulk those right away. They let heat escape and bring cold in simultaneously.


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