5 Easy Steps to Survive Visiting a Trade Show

2-8 trade show

What do you think of when you hear “Trade Shows?” Freebies! Show season is in full swing and this post will help you navigate how to make the most of them.

Do your research. Go to the show website and learn what exhibitors are going to be there. Who do you want to see? Are there seminars you want to attend? Mark them down and find their location on the map. Work out a route so that you have a plan to follow – you can always veer off the path!

Bring comfortable shoes. You will need them for all the walking. Even if your route is mapped, out, trade shows are expansive, and having comfortable shoes will make the experience more enjoyable.

Network. Use this as an opportunity to create as many new connections as possible. Bring business cards and pass them out to people that you would like to keep in contact with. Bring printed mail labels with your contact information. It makes filling out forms quick and easy and avoids legibility issues for the company if they wish to contact you.

Visit Vendors. They should always have the most up-to-date literature and products available at a show. Stop in, touch base, and see their new products. If you are looking to buy, find out if they have any promotions running for the product you may be in the market for.

Follow Up. If you had a conversation with someone you want to keep in contact with or develop a new business relationship, follow up with them. Wait a couple days after the show to make contact and remind them of the conversation you had.

Patz Corporation exhibits at several shows throughout the year. Check out our Events Calendar or like us on Facebook to see where we end up!



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