Monthly Archives: March 2018

Worms. Are They Really Special?

Spring brings a sense of renewal and new life. Farmers are in the fields planting, people are buying flowers for their garden, and earthworms are working to keep soil quality top notch. Earthworms are not necessary to have in soil, … Continue reading

Farming the Wind

Take a drive in the country and you may find giant monolithic wind turbines scattered throughout farm fields churning in the wind. These turbines capture the energy from the wind by rotating the blades, which is then able to be … Continue reading

3 Ways to Dehorn Calves and Why

Cows are often represented in cartoons and on advertisements with horns, yet in real life that is generally not the case. Certain breeds have been selectively bred to not have horns, but the majority of cattle are dehorned at a … Continue reading


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