One if by Land, Two if by Sea?

4-12 floating farm

People are constantly coming up with new ways to create more from less. That is especially true in farming. With the rise of alternative agriculture such as urban farming and vertical farming, another idea is slowly making waves – floating farms. While these floating farms are still in concept design, it brings to light a new way of thinking for the future.

With a barge-like layout, these three tiered farms would essentially create its own eco-system and energy. Anchored to land in calm, smaller bodies of water, the farms would be a sustainable source of food. The top, “rooftop” tier would include solar panels and skylights. Solar panels would create electricity needed to run the operation, and the skylights would offer the “greenhouse” on the middle tier natural light. The “greenhouse” would be hydroponically grown plants in a vertical farming set up. The bottom tier would then be a fish farm and desalination station, if needed.

Time will tell if this is a potential viable option in the future, but the concept is certainly unique and interesting to learn about.


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