Earth Day

4-19 earth day

This Sunday, April 22nd marks the 48th annual Earth Day celebration. Started in 1970, Earth Day began as a movement to help protect the environment and our natural resources.

Farmers understand the resources available and do their best to conserve them. No-till or other conservation tilling techniques have helped to drastically reduce soil erosion from fields. Improvements in irrigation technology such as sprinklers or drip irrigation help to better navigate the proper amount of water to where it needs to be.

Changes in efficiency and technology for agriculture are critical in order to support future generations. Ensuring soil, water, and other natural resources remain available is always top priority for farmers. With the world population being estimated at 9.6 billion people in 2050, Earth Day (and every day) is a great reminder to not take advantage of resources we have.

Many farming practices have changed over the years and new technologies are constantly being implemented to help with efficiency and crop yield. Farmers are using their vast knowledge of the land to make sure it remains viable for future generations.


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