Must-Do Machine Manintenance

With the late start to spring this year, hopefully, the extra time was used to double and triple check machinery before taking it out for use. There are a few things that should always be examined before bringing out machinery that has been sitting all winter. In case you missed a step, or missed maintenance altogether, check out the quick list below. 

  • Observe fluid levels and cleanliness
  • Look at hoses and belts for signs of wear or cracking
  • Check the steering, wheels, brakes, and gearbox for proper alignment and operation
  • Make sure the exhaust system isn’t blocked by small animal nests or debris
  • Examine tire treads and tire pressure
  • Inspect machine to make sure all safety shields and guards are in place
  • Check safety signage, lights, and directional for traveling on roadways

“Farm Maintenance Checklists for Spring.”

“Machinery Maintenance for Energy Efficiency.”

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