Why Feed TMR?

On average, feed is 64% of operating costs. Feed is money. Getting the full value of the feed you give to your cattle is essential.  A TMR (Total Mixed Ration) helps to maintain herd health and production levels. 

A TMR is created when ingredient feed particles fall together simultaneously without obstruction. The blending of these ingredients correctly means every bite – no matter where on the line – will be the same. The measured out rations mean each batch will be the same. A consistent and steady diet with properly balanced nutrients will keep your herd healthy and their rumens stable. A well-mixed TMR results in less sorting and feed waste since cows have a more difficult time finding the tasty ingredients individually, they will more feed. Keep feed pushed up to the herd so they can graze at their leisure.   

A true TMR requires engineering that eliminates obstacles and dead spots without sacrificing mix performance. Patz Corporation’s Balanced Flow™ Technology creates a “rolling boil” by the thoughtfully designed elements inside of the mixer to create a homogeneous TMR.

It is critically important to do TMR audits every few months to ensure your ration remains consistent. Using the Penn State Shaker Box Test, grab feed samples from various points along the feed line to test. Major contributors for mixing issues include overfilling the mixer, worn mixer parts, not mixing for long enough or not loading liquids into the middle of the mixer.

Most importantly, a TMR Mixer is an investment. A Vertical TMR mixer will pay for itself over time through several different mediums. Loading ingredients into the mixer can be measured precisely using scales to ensure no feed is wasted, and that your herd gets the proper nutrition required. TMR mixers allow for use of alternative ingredients to be blended in with main feed. The loading and mixing time of a vertical mixer can be significantly less than other means of feeding. This means your employees have time to do other tasks than feed. A well-blended TMR makes it difficult for cows to sort through. Because of this, they will get the nutrients recommended by a nutritionist. Healthy cows will perform at high production capacities, boosting output numbers.

Want more information? Check out this video on Things to Look for in a Vertical Feed Mixer.

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