The Value of Liquid Manure

The Value of Liquid Manure

Separating manure turns one readily available nonessential material and creates two valuable resources to be recycled back into the farm. Liquid manure can be used as a replacement for chemical fertilizers. As a “free” and plentiful resource, liquid manure offers natural nutrients and microorganisms to recycle and replenish the soil, improving soil structure.

Before being spread on fields, both the soil and the liquid manure should be tested to determine nutrient content. Manure should be spread on fields lacking nutrients included in the organic fertilizer.

Most crop nutrient needs can be met with livestock manure with proper management. Oftentimes, crop production can be improved by switching from chemical to organic fertilizers. Liquid manure should be thoroughly agitated before being spread or applied to fields. Agitation ensures that the nutrients within the manure are mixed consistently and evenly spread over fields.


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