Turn #2 into Your #1 Source of Bedding

Turn #2 into your #1 source of bedding

Turn manure solids into a valuable resource. Previously we discussed the value of liquid manure, now we will focus recycled manure solids (RMS). RMS can be used as bedding, compost, field fertilizer, or sold for profit.

Perhaps the most effective and common way of using separated manure solids is for bedding. With up to 35% dry matter, the material is light and fluffy, and also odorless! It is readily available, sustainable, and at your facility. When manure is separated, solids are filtered out to be dropped into a storage facility or transported via conveyor to another location. For calves and young stock, the bedding can be used immediately after separation. This is called “green bedding”. For cows, it is best to let the RMS be stored until it reaches temperatures high enough to kill bacteria.

This organic bedding absorbs moisture really well. As with any organic bedding, it is important to keep clean and dry, which means spot checking stalls, and thoroughly replacing bedding every couple of days. SCC levels need to be monitored carefully and if they start going up, take a look at bedding management. Having barns with good ventilation also enhances the drying of materials and keeps bedding fresher for longer.

Have extra RMS left after bedding? Apply to your fields for neighbor-friendly fertilizer, or sell it at a premium price.

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