Weathering Winter Storms

Weathering Winter Storms

Storms across the nation are getting more volatile and powerful every year. Now on the cusp of winter, it is important to have a plan in place should severe winter weather hit your farm. If you already have active emergency procedures, take the time to review with your employees and coworker. A plan will keep both employees and animals safe when practiced and well-known.

Keep a close eye on your inventory. Know your numbers, and have extra on hand in winter in case a storm prevents shipments from getting into your farm. Take a walk around the farm property and check out building structures, trees and low hanging branches, and power hook-ups to the barn. Does everything look like it should? Do branches need to be cut to prevent building damage? Now is the time to do it before the snow is here to stay.

Keep procedures for winter emergencies in well-traveled locations. Test out your generator and make sure it is functioning in case there is a winter power outage. Do you have a secondary location to house animals in case of a barn roof collapse? Have an evacuation plan in place with emergency contacts listed for efficient transitions if needed.


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