Do I Really Need a Mixer Magnet?

Do I Really Need a Mixer Magnet?

Vertical mixers have become increasingly popular in the dairy industry for creating total mixed rations (TMR) efficiently for herds. The beef industry has also recognized the potential of feeding their herds a TMR for better body condition and value. Doing research is critical to get the correct mixer size for your operation.

If you are going to invest in a vertical mixer, it is important to research the extra features and options available. Mixer magnets are highly recommended because they prevent animals from ingesting potentially dangerous metallic items located in feed. Metal items can cause Bovine Traumatic Reticulopericarditis (commonly called Hardware Disease). Hardware disease causes stomach issues, poor appetite, pain, drop in production, and in severe cases, death. Even a minor case of Hardware disease can affect your bottom line. The best method to stop it? Prevention.

That is where mixer magnets come into play. If tramp metal is stopped from entering the animal, you will never have to worry about Hardware Disease. Any loose metallic items present in feed ingredients will be pulled out of the ration while being blended.  

At Patz, we know our patented tub-mounted magnet is uniquely the best in the industry. The two-step retention design allows the feed to flow unrestricted while mixing. Feed travels over the slope of each step on the magnet, while metallic items drop into the step corner. Materials stay secured to the magnet throughout the entire mixing process. Our magnet pulls tramp metal out of TMR ingredients while being mixed together.  

Protect what matters and get peace of mind by removing metal from the TMR before it leaves the mixer.

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