Are All Vertical Mixers The Same?

Are all vertical mixers the same?

There are so many vertical TMR mixers on the market today, how do you know which to choose? A lot of vertical mixers look similar, and even have the same suppliers for some components. So, what is the big difference between them? The inside design of the machine controls how well it mixes.

When buying a vertical feed mixer, you are buying a complete system. The difference between each mixer brand is the design of the tub and the vertical screw (auger). For example, the Patz vertical mixer has a precision fitted screw (Vortex® or Tru Taper™) inside of a proportional tub. The feed gets lifted onto the screw deck and travels up the auger to be mixed together. The vertical relief design helps with the mixing process. The tapered sidewall works in conjunction with the patented contoured baffles to help feed mix together by lifting and falling.

In non-performing mixers, feed movement slows and then stops first at the cyclical transition from the tub end to the sidewall, visible as “dead spots”. As the mixer fills, dead spots expand into the mixing tub ends to restrictors. This stagnant area stops feed from being processed and mixing together. While mixing, your feed should move like a “rolling boil” – a Patz signature effect.

Patz Balanced Flow™ Technology is engineered to blend a consistent TMR by emphasizing:




• RUMEN HEALTH: Thorough mix

• BALANCED NUTRITION: Minimize sorting

• PHYSICALLY EFFECTIVE FIBER: Uniform processing/ particle size

• TRUE TUB SIZE: Batch/Volume Versatility (33%-99%) Struck Volume

• PROCESS BALES: Round/Square, Wet or Dry

• FAST MIXING: Payloader-Pace; 3-5 minute per ingredient

• ACCURACY: Pen/lot nutrition delivery

• RATION INTEGRITY: Minimize mix carry over

• INGREDIENT CONTROL: Put nutrients where needed

Check out this time-lapse video that shows the Patz “rolling boil” effect.

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