1,000-Cow Dairy Prefers Patz 9427 Chopper

Kostechka Farm beds 50 small straw bales per day with their Patz Model 9427 Portable Choppers.

Kostechka Dairy, LLC beds 50 small straw bales per day with their Patz 9427 Portable Choppers.

Tom Kostechka has been operating his family dairy farm for over 30 years. The impressive 1,000-cow dairy is located in Whitelaw, Wisconsin.

The Kostechkas have used many bale choppers over the years to bed their cows, but have seen the best results from their Patz 9427 Chopper. Tom beds 50 small straw bales per day in a 6 row freestall barn.

“We’ve used other choppers, but we prefer the Patz because of the heavier build and the Quadra Shark® blades,” said Tom.

The Kostechkas purchased their first 9427 Chopper at an auction. Although the unit had been used, it still worked like new! The Kostechkas were so impressed with their Patz 9427 Portable Chopper that they purchased a second one the following year. The Kostechka’s enjoy the reliable operation and reduced downtime that the Patz 9427 Chopper offers.


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