Patz 9427 Chopper Is Built Strong To Last Long!

Nathan Nummerdor shown above with their portable Model 9427 Bedding Chopper.

Nathan Nummerdor with his Patz 9427 Chopper.

“It’s a no-brainer – after our first Patz chopper, we’ll never go back to another brand again,” said Wayne Nummerdor, a dairy farmer in Fox Lake, Wisconsin.

Nummerdor Family Dairy Farm has two stanchion barns to house their 320 cows and 300 heifers. Since cow comfort is a major priority for the family, the Nummerdors use their Patz chopper every day for chopping straw bedding. They were so pleased with the performance of their Patz Chopper that they purchased a second 9427 Chopper. “The Patz Chopper processes 15 bales every day,” said Wayne. “We leave the cows right in the stanchions and blow the straw underneath them from behind.

Five of the Nummerdors’ seven children work on the family farm. They like the electric start on their Patz Chopper because their daughters can easily start it up without having to pull a starter rope. The family also chose to install the optional fourth tire to the chopper, making it easy for the whole family to maneuver!

Wayne and his wife, Diane, had owned three different bedding choppers prior to purchasing their first 9427 Chopper. The Patz Chopper hasn’t broken down in all the years they have owned it, and they’ve only had to replace the knives once in the 4½ years since they purchased it! “We rotated the knives one time and they were so easy to rotate and change,” stated Wayne, “Plus, they last 3 to 4 times longer than the competitor’s knives.”

“You want your girls to be comfortable,” added Wayne about the cows, “The better care you take of them, the better they take of you. Keeping fresh bedding under them every day gives them more comfort.”

Wayne is no stranger to Patz equipment. He also uses a Patz Vertical Mixer on his family’s dairy. He sums up his experience by saying, “Patz makes good equipment.”


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