More Throwing Distance, More Power!

Jim Kunkel saves time and uses less straw with his Patz Model 9427 Chopper.

Jim Kunkel saves time and uses less straw with his Patz 9427 Chopper.

Jim Kunkel operates a 70-cow dairy farm in Hazel Green, Wisconsin.

Having grown up on a dairy farm, Jim knows the amount of work it takes to ensure his operation runs smoothly. His daily chores include chopping his hay bedding to ensure that it can be pumped to his slurry store without issue. When it came time for him to buy a new bedding chopper, he purchased a Patz 9427 Portable Chopper.

The 9427 Chopper finely chops straw or hay and distributes it evenly, using less material than shaking out straw by hand. A hose attachment on the portable model makes it easy to blow the straw exactly where Jim wants it. The machine’s unique, serrated, 4-point Quadra-Shark® blades are designed specifically for chopping. The reversible blades are made of through-hardened 3/16-inch steel for long life.

“The best thing about the Patz Chopper is that I use less straw,” says Jim, “and it has more throwing distance and power than my old chopper! The fast chopping time saves me time and labor.”


Jim is very pleased with the performance of his Patz 9427 Chopper and recommends it to others who hope to save time, labor, and materials.


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