Patz 9427 Chopper Cuts Bedding Time By 50%!

Stephen Andert, right, with Patz dealer Mark Hahn of Weldy Enterprises.

Stephen Andert, right, with Patz Dealer Mark Hahn of Weldy Enterprises.

Fourth generation farmer Stephen Andert milks 50 Holstein and Holstein/Jersey crossbred cows on his family’s farm in South Bend, Indiana.

With plenty of work to do around the farm, Stephen welcomes any equipment that can help save time and labor. He trusts a Patz 9427 Chopper with 3-point hitch and blower attachment for bedding and feeding his cows.

Stephen says that he has reduced the amount of time it takes to bed the cows by about half. In addition, the 9427 Chopper not only chops and distributes the straw bedding quickly and evenly, it also uses less material than if he had spread it by hand.

Stephen also uses his Patz Chopper to chop hay and straw for use in his feed ration. He says he appreciates the reduced labor and time savings from using his Patz Chopper for both feeding and bedding.

Stephen is no stranger to Patz. He currently owns several other pieces of Patz equipment, and is very satisfied with the quality and longevity of all his Patz equipment.


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