Landscaper Saves Valuable Time and Materials!

Fiedorowicz-1 George and Kyle Fiedorowicz run Fiedorowicz Landscaping, in Crivitz, Wisconsin. The Fiedorowicz Landscaping team establishes approximately 20 acres of new lawn per year. The father-son team provides a variety of services, including landscape design, seeding and maintaining lawns, suggesting tree planting or removal, and building retaining walls.

George invested in a Patz 9427 Chopper with a 3-point hitch to help save time chopping and spreading straw and hay on newly seeded lawns. “It used to take us about 5 hours to spread straw by hand,” says George, “The chopper takes about 10-15 minutes to do the same job, but better!” Kyle also appreciates the time savings, saying, “With the blower hose, we can spread the hay quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time and with half as much hay than doing it manually.”

Fiedorowicz Landscaping estimates they have chopped about 6,000 bales in their Patz 9427 Chopper and haven’t had to do any maintenance on it other than routine oil changes, greasing and replacing belts!

TheFiedorowicz-2 Fiedorowicz’s 9427 Chopper has definitely proven itself a worthy investment. This single piece of equipment has more than paid for itself by not only saving time and labor, but reducing the amount of straw or hay used by half!


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