Excellent Performance and Service From Patz!

henss-1Richard Henss Sr. and his son Richard Jr. are fourth- and fifth-generation farmers. Originally a dairy, the father-son duo converted Henss Farm, Inc. into a beef operation. The pair currently feed 460 steer on their Trenton, Illinois farm.

No matter what the weatherman predicts, every farmer knows that cattle still need to be fed! Farmers know that they won’t have a day off from work due to the weather. This lesson hit home for the Hensses when they had to replace their cattle feeder after tornado-like winds damaged their old equipment. They decided to purchase a Patz 8916 Movable Plow Belt Conveyor, which spanned 110 feet when installed. Both father and son agree that the feeder is both easy to use and saves on manpower!

The steers at Henss Farm, Inc., are happy and well-fed in any kind of weather now, thanks to the excellent performance of the Patz 8916 Feeder.


As an essential business supporting food and agriculture, Patz Corporation is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, dealers, customers and communities.