“The Patz Brand Has Proven Itself On Our Farm”

Shady KR Holsteins Photo #1 Kevin and Kim Radloff purchased Shady KR Holsteins in 1985. They have expanded the Oshkosh, Wisconsin dairy, which sits on 76 acres of farmland, to its current herd size of 160 head.

Patz has always been the Radloffs brand of choice for reliable feed and manure handling equipment. Kevin explained, “Patz equipment is simple and built heavy. It saves us labor, and there’s no downtime.” When expanding their operation, Kim and Kevin ensured their new facilities would accommodate their existing Patz equipment.

“Believe it or not, we designed the new barn around our Patz Belt Feeder. We purchased an 8912 Belt Feeder in 1994, along with a pair of 8916 Conveyors. We didn’t have any repair costs on the feeder! We liked the simplicity of the Patz Feeder, so we wanted that reliability for our new barn,” Kevin stated.


Since moving into their new facility, milk production has increased by over 7 pounds per cow! In addition, overall herd health has improved, and the somatic cell count is Shady KR Holsteins Photo #3down by nearly 50%. Due to improved efficiency, they have cut chore time by about 5 hours per day. With such impressive results, Kevin and Kim are looking to increase their herd of milking cows yet again!

Shady KR Holsteins appreciates the dependable performance delivered by their Patz Gutter Cleaner, multiple Patz Silo Unloaders, and their 9000 Liquid Transfer System. Kevin states, “Our family has had a long history with Patz equipment. The Patz brand has proven itself on our farm.”



As an essential business supporting food and agriculture, Patz Corporation is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, dealers, customers and communities.