Still Running Strong After 15 Years of All Day, Every Day Use!


Gary Marks of Clancy, Montana
Marks-Miller Post & Pole, Inc.

“Have been using Patz 400 Material Movers in our mill every day, all day, for the last 15 years. Still running strong!!” These are the words of Gary Marks, along with his wife Debbie, who own Marks-Miller Post & Pole, Inc. of Clancy, MT. Gary said that the flexibility to layout the material mover where he required it to lay was a huge factor in selecting Patz. This unique feature allowed them to set up their operation properly.

Marks Post & Pole, started in 1974, supplying lodgepole pine posts and rails, along with other fencing products, to dealers throughout Montana and neighboring states. 

In early 1998, Gary and Debbie installed three Patz 400 Material Movers in their facility. Two of the units are recessed in the shop floor to collect and convey waste product out of the shop. These units utilize the Patz 60 degree slanted side wall to prevent pieces from binding between flite tip and trough/gutter walls. The third unit feeds a storage hopper that meters out waste material into a furnace that heats the shop. This unit uses a metal slide that inclines upward and then flattens out to a horizontal position. Gearbox drives
were chosen in this set-up because of the longer run times of these units.

Gary added, “As far as equipment goes, there is nothing better for wearability. If every machine performed like Patz, life would be easier”. He stated that the material movers have operated for 32,000 hours with very limited maintenance and repair, and that he would not want to run his operation without them.




As an essential business supporting food and agriculture, Patz Corporation is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, dealers, customers and communities.